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What we do

Special Missions

You are looking for new communication angles to thread the needle of selling in?
You want to turn your events & conferences into an edutainment experience?
You need a new point of view to develop an umbrella campaign or brand, or want to strategically place a new topic in the marketplace?
The question of how to get that neighboring target group on board keeps you up at night?
Your newest artist needs a communication push, so you want to place him as a testimonial of a hot, up and coming brand?

Again and again, clients approach us with destinations for their communication journey that hardly any shipping company has on their daily log. That is the moment that makes our hearts beat faster!

So we take stock, we measure and plan and decide case by case, whether the best way to reach your destination is the slick racer, the elegant yacht or a luxurious cruiser.

And step by step we combine experience and expertise with new ideas to build the vessel that takes you to your communication goal from the first sketch until the maiden voyage – and if you like, even beyond that….