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Picnic at Hanging Rock at Berlin International Film Festival

Together with Telekom Deutschland and FremantleMedia Group, we invited to the international premiere of “Picnic at Hanging Rock” at Berlin International Film Festival. The cast, including Natalie Dormer, did not miss out on the opportunity to attend the premiere and enjoyed the glamour of the festival.

mainFREIRAUM took over the organization, press relations and talent handling at the international premiere.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Facebook Social Media

Since 2017, mainFREIRAUM is responsible for the social media strategy and content for all social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in Germany and German-speaking Switzerland, as well as consulting in Austria and BeNeLux. The budget includes genre pages and big franchise sites like the Alien Movies, Planet of the Apes, X-Men and others. In addition to campaigns for New Releases and promoted posts, catalogue titles are also highlighted.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (OPR & Social Media)

In 2018, we are back on board! In preparation of the launch for the second Fantastic Beasts-movie, we share the community with information about filming, the cast, share exclusive photos from the set on facebook and once again are responsible for the online PR.

Telekom Deutschland – EntertainTV Serien

Since July 2017, mainFREIRAUM supports Telekom Deutschland with the launch of their series initiative “EntertainTV Series”. Among other projects we were in charge of the German release of the eight-Emmys-winning hit series “The Handmaid’s Tale” and organized a major premiere event with stars from film and television in Berlin. In addition to the product PR, we are also the point of contact for various international film studios and licensors.

„The Handmaid’s Tale“ – German Release

The US series, starring Elisabeth Moss, was eagerly awaited like no other in 2017!
For Telekom Deutschland, we handled the brilliant series debut from the start with online and print PR. To cause a stir before the German release date, we sent handmaids on an impressive robe walk through Berlin. The anticipation was great when the series celebrated its German premiere in Berlin at the beginning of October – we also organized the event and, among other things, the invitation management.

Game of Thrones at ComicCon Dortmund

“WINTER IS HERE” – The Dortmund ComicCon visitors were able to experience it themselves in December 2017. We created and supervised the 60qm trade show booth on the occasion of the home entertainment launch of the 7th season “Game of Thrones”. The fans were excited about many cool features, such as the “Defend the Wall” VR Experience, live body painting and the Iron Throne!

Community Preview on "The Deuce"

Together with Youtuber and influencer Dominik Porschen, we organized a community screening of “The Deuce”, the new series of “The Wire” creator David Simon. Film fans and influencers were able to watch the pilot episode on the big screen in Cologne’s Cineplex. The community was thrilled and recommends “The Deuce” as one of the top series of 2017!

War for the Planet of the Apes

For the last film of the „Planet of the Apes“-Franchise, we managed a powerful media coverage: An exclusive shooting with the Frankfurt Zoo director Prof. Dr. med. Manfred Niekisch, an auction of exclusive film props, for „Ein Herz für Kinder“, as well as the large-scale “Ape Experience” at ComicCon New York.

Monopoly Germany (Special Edition)

For the new edition of Monopoly Germany, we staged an election on the Monopoly Facebook page at the same time the German federal election took place and did a press release. Within two weeks, 427,000 game fans voted for their favorite city to be included in the game. Numerous local media partners commented on the elections and reported on the result.

Harry Potter DE (Facebook)

On the Harry Potter Facebook page, we regularly take over a million fans back to Hogwarts. Through quotes and short clips, we provide the “Potterheads” with news from the wizarding world and have lively discussions about wands, beasts, and other magical details.

German Book Prize 2017

What is the best German language book of the year? We accompanied the exciting selection process for the German Book Prize in 2017 – from the jury compilation via short and longlist and various readings to the award ceremony in the Frankfurt City Hall – on the Facebook page and Twitter channel and expanded the literary enthusiastic community.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Influencer Collaboration: As part of the Online PR campain for the theatrical release of the little dark knight, YouTube star Sarazar & Daniele Rizzo paid a visit to the LEGO Batcave!
Maybe the Joker (voiced by Sarazar’s frequent collaborator Gronkh) had something to do with that?

Sons of Anarchy Deutschland (Facebook)

Creation end devolopment of community from scratch: over a 100K followers acquired organically with selected quality content and thoughtful community management.

Social Media Workshop @ Reeperbahn Festival 2016

In our Social Media workshop „Tell The Story Of Your Music“ at Reeperbahn Festival 2016, we shared our experiences with members of the international music scene.

Winter is Coming: "Game of Thrones" PR & Retail Events

Concept, strategy and implementation of publicity / retail events in cooperation with the Saturn stores in Hamburg & Berlin: White Walkers are conquering the POS on occasion of the Blu-ray release of “Game of Thrones”, Season 5.

„The Martian“: ESA-Event & Expert Talk

He is the best botanist on the particular planet he is on, and also the loneliest person on Mars. To celebrate the Blu-ray und DVD release of „The Martian“ we provided exciting insights behind the scenes of the European Space Agency (ESA) and a screening of the the space adventure to selected media partners.

Press Event: EST-Start "Vinyl": Screening with expert talk

Fascination Sex, Drugs and Rock`n´Roll: At the digital start of  HBO series „Vinyl“ we invite to an exclusive publicity screening of the pilot episode at the music hotel nHow in Berlin. Music editor Torsten Groß and expert Rick de Lisle present an exciting round table, giving special insights into the music business then and now.

„Deadpool“ PR & Social Media: Me, myself and my Unicorn

Even a unicorn needs to go for a walk – we accompanied Deadpool and his new companion at #ColognePride, genertating colorful coverage to celebrate the Home Entertainment release.

Jan Böhmermann meets Independence Day: Resurgence

Talent PR with Roland Emmerich: for the Blu-ray release of „Independence Day: Resurgence“ the master of disaster features prominently in the German media.

First and foremost: Emmerich meets Böhmermann, in a special edition of NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE on the US-election.
(„Grab US by the Pussy“, ZDF neo, 3.11.16).